Working ethics

Before our shoot

If you write to me with an enquiry to shoot, it is helpful if you include a concept, duration of the booking, general location and if possible a few dates with your availability.

Minimum bookings start at 2 hours, half day bookings are 4 hours and full day bookings are 6 hours. Because I want to be able to give 100% during our shoot, I don’t take bookings over 6 hours. This guarantees that I will stay focused so we can get the best results possible.

Please keep in mind that I don’t model real fur, leather, drugs or cigarettes, so please do not include this in your concept. I may refuse to do a pose if I feel it is derogatory or dangerous. When you pick a location, please make sure it is safe to work there – this includes nudity in public spaces and shooting in extreme weather conditions.

If you require for me to sign any sort of contract, please send it to me beforehand, so I can read it through and can give input before the shoot.  In case more than 1 photographer will be present during the shoot, let me know beforehand because special conditions and rates apply.

In some cases I might require a deposit to confirm our shoot. This is usually the case if I have to make expenses or travel a significant distance to get to our shoot. The deposit makes sure I can cover my costs and serves as a mutual insurance that our shoot will go on as planned.


At the beginning of our shoot

My working hours start when I arrive at the location and end when I leave. If we are visiting multiple locations the travel times between the locations are included in this time. Make up time, whether done by a makeup artist or myself,  is included in the booking time. I can do my own basic make up and hair on request, for more elaborate themes I recommend booking a professional make up artist and/or hairstylist. When I do my own make up please allow 20 to 30 minutes, I will need 10 more minutes for hairstyles such as curls or updo’s.

It’s always nice to go through styling before we start shooting so we can plan our outfits or you can at least get an impression of the possibilities to make decision making about styling in between sets easier. I usually come packed with a suitcase filled with styling according to the concept you provided and try to include items I haven’t used in other shoots.


During our shoot

I am a very fluent poser and have a general idea about how the pose will look on camera. However, feel free to add small corrections if you think it would perfect the image, you are looking through the camera so you can see best what works and how to improve. I take directions easily. If you are unsure, it could be a good idea to show me the image.

In no case can you touch me. If a strand of hair or item of clothing is out of place, I much prefer for you to ask me to move it myself or have the make up artist move it. If in rare cases you do have to touch me, please ask first. I know it’s a given, but sometimes photographers get so enthusiastic about a shot that they forget without bad intentions.

Short breaks for fixing makeup, changing clothes, refreshment, food and using the toilet are necessary. If the shoot is particularly physically strenuous (ie jumping poses, cold weather conditions, etc) then I will be required to take breaks between sets.

If the shoot runs over the agreed time or you would like to book extra time (if possible), I will charge over time in units of 30 minutes based on the originally agreed on fee.


After our shoot

I love seeing the results of our hard work, so please feel free to share the images with me! When I share our image, I ALWAYS credit the entire team. If you want to be credited under a certain name, make sure to include this.


If you have any questions about my working ethics, please ask! I am happy to explain or elaborate on the way I work. I look forward to working with you!

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